Studies of the world Gyponinae (Homoptera, Cicadellidae): The genus Polana

  • Dwight M. Delong The Ohio State University; Department of Entomology
  • Paul H. Freytag The University of Kentucky; Department of Entomology


Eighty seven species are placed in Polana DeLong, 11 previously described (including 3 synonyms) and 13 described as new. These species are placed in ten subgenera as follows: Subgenus Declivella, subgen. n., with one species danesa, sp. n.; subgenus Bohemanella, subgen. n., with 14 species, chelata, sp. n., resupina, sp. n., bohemani (Stal) (Type-species) (= praeterita (Fowler), = draba Evans, new synonyms), alia, sp.n., retenta, sp.n., assula, sp. n., resilara, sp.n., celsa, sp. n., chifama, sp.n., orbita, sp.n., macula, sp.n., elabora, sp.n., scela, sp.n., and ardua, sp.n.; Subgenus Angusana, subgen.n., with one species exornata (Fowler); Subgenus Bulbusana, subgen.n. with 13 species, villa, sp.n., pendula, sp.n., plumea, sp.n. (Type-species), bruneola (Osborn), nida, sp.n., vana, sp.n., extranea (Fowler), dispara, sp.n., quatora, sp.n., piceata (Osborn), laca, sp.n., inclinata, sp.n., and obtecta, sp.n.; Subgenus Polana DeLong, with 24 species, ocellata (Spangberg), quadrinotata (Spangberg) (Type-species), unca, sp.n., pensa, sp.n., aspersa, sp.n., principia, sp.n., spindella, sp.n., gelera, sp.n., optata, sp.n., mala, sp.n., nidula, sp.n., peda, sp.n., bulba sp.n., lanara, sp.n., inimica, sp.n., merga, sp.n., flectara, sp.n., coresa, sp.n., squalera, sp.n., scuta, sp.n., ruppeli, sp.n., parca, sp.n., fusconotata (Osborn), and alitera, sp.n.; Subgenus Parvulana, subgen.n., with 4 species, tulara, sp.n., bidens, sp.n., pandara, sp.n., and alata, sp.n. (Type-species); Subgenus Largulara, subgen.n., with 2 species, fantasa, sp.n. (Type-species), and elera, sp.n.; Subgenus Nihilana, subgen.n., with 13 species, icara, sp.n. nisa, sp.n., fetera, sp.n., celeta (Fowler) (=resima (Fowler)), obtusa (Spangberg), rixa, sp.n., scina, sp.n., pressa, sp.n., bena, sp.n., aneza, sp.n., fina, sp.n., agrilla, sp.n., and obligua, sp.n.; Subgenus Polanana, subgen.n., with 8 species, falsa, sp.n., venosa (Stal) (Type-species), sereta, sp.n., truncata, sp.n., quadrilabes, sp.n., mella, sp.n., macuella, sp.n., and parvula, sp.n.; and Subgpnus Polanella, subgen.n., with 3 species, cupida, sp.n. (Type-species), helara, sp.n., and randa, sp.n.. The genus Polana is distributed from the southern states of the United States through Central America and the Caribbean Islands, to the greater part of South America. Very little is known of their host plants.


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