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Studies of Mydidae (diptera) systematics and evolution: I. a preliminary classification in subfamilies, with the descriptions of two new genera from the oriental and Australian regions

N. Papavero, J. Wilcox


A preliminary classification of the world Mydidae in 9 subfamilies is proposed: 1. Anomalomydinae, subfam. n. (only genus, Anomalomydas, gen, n., for Miltinus mackerrasi Norris); exclusively Australian; 2. Apiophorinae, subfam. n. (5 genera); Chile and Australia; 3. Cacatuopyginae, subfam. n. (only genus, Cacatuopyga, gen. n., for Mydas fruhstorferi Wulp); Oriental; 4. Diochlistinae Bequaert (3 genera); Chile and Australia; 5. Ectyphinae Wilcox & Papavero (3 genera); South Africa, s. To." United States and Mexico; 6. Leptomydinae, subfam. n. (5 genera); Palearctic, Nearctic, invading n. w. corner of South America; 7. Mydinae Latreille (5 genera); exclusively American; 8. Rhopaliinae, subfam. n. (4 genera); Palearctic (Mediterranean subregion), one genus in n. e. Brazil; 9. Syllegomydinae Bequaert (23 genera); predominantly Ethiopian, a few elements invading the Palearctic and Oriental regions; 10. One unplaced genus, Parectyphus Hesse (South West Africa, Namib Desert), insufficiently characterized. A preliminary key to the subfamilies, a list of their respective genera, their distribution and hypothetical history of phylogeny, are given.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11606/issn.2176-7793.v25i1p1-34

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