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Levantamento, identificação e descrição da fauna de Squamata do Quaternário brasileiro (Lepidosauria)

Tatiana Camolez, Hussam Zaher


The present work represents the first extensive survey of the squamate fauna from caves and archaeological sites in Brazil. More than 1530 cranial and post-cranial pieces of Squamata are analyzed from 14 cave localities in Brazil. Twenty-three taxa are identified at the generic and specific levels, namely: Eunectes murinus, Eunectes sp., Boa constrictor, Corallus cf. hortulanus, Epicrates cenchria, Mastigodryas cf. bifossatus, Chironius sp., Pseustes cf. sulphureus, Tantilla sp., Helicops gr. leopardinus, cf. Philodryas, Bothrops sp., Crotalus durissus, Micrurus corallinus, Micrurus sp., Ameiva ameiva, Cnemidophorus ocellifer, Tupinambis sp., cf. Enyalius, Polychrus sp., Tropidurus sp., Diploglossus cf. fasciatus, and Leposternon sp. We provide detailed morphological descriptions of both cranial and post-cranial elements, and establish a range of diagnostic osteological features from the anatomical pieces analyzed, which, despite the subtleties of many of these features, will aid in identifying genera and species of living Squamata. Furthermore, some elements belonging to the archaeological sites exhibit burn traces and cut marks that human predation on squamates during the Late Quaternary in Central Brazil.



DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11606/issn.2176-7793.v41i1p1-96

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