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Architecture and stratigraphic framework of shelf sedimentary systems off Rio de Janeiro state, Northern Santos Basin-Brazil

Renata Moreira da Costa Maia, Antonio Tadeu dos Reis, Eliane da Costa Alves, Cleverson Guizan Silva, Josefa Varela Guerra, Christian Gorini, Adalberto Silva, Rodrigo Arantes-Oliveira


Seismic analysis of sparker lines of GEOMAR cruises allowed us to address a first stratigraphic scenario for the shallow sedimentary record (~300 msec) of the continental shelf off Rio de Janeiro State, northern Santos basin. Two sets of seismic sequences were identified and interpreted as a succession of depositional sequences induced by repeated glacioeustatic cycles. Depositional sequences composing Set I (SqA-SqC) are dominantly sigmoidal, reflecting periods of increasing accommodation space that favoured the preservation of both aggradational and progradational units; sequences of Set II (Sq1-Sq5) are essentially seaward-thickening stacks of forced-regression wedges, implying periods of declining accommodation space. Comparison between seismic lines and chronostratigraphic data allowed the mapped sequences to be placed within the Plio-Quaternary. Correlations also suggest that most of Set I (SqA and lower portion of SqB) was deposited during the Pliocene (undifferentiated Pliocene), while the upper portion of sequence SqC and sequences of Set II (Sq1-Sq5) have been placed within the Quaternary. Correlation of chronostratigraphic data with δ18O isotopic "sea level curves" also supports the hypothesis that sequences Sq1-Sq4 are fourth-order forced-regression sequences that record 100-120 kyr glacioeustatic cycles for the last 440-500 kyr, while sedimentary units labeled Sq5 would represent the transgressive and highstand deposition during the Holocene.


Continental shelf;Forced regression;Quaternary;Pliocene;Glacioeustatic oscillations;Eastern Brazilian Margin

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1590/S1679-87592010000500003

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