Ocotea nutans (Nees) Mez (Lauraceae): chemical composition, antioxidant capacity and biological properties of essential oil

  • Fernando Cesar Martins Betim Federal University of Paraná https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1668-8626
  • Camila Freitas de Oliveira Federal University of Paraná
  • Angela Maria de Souza Federal University of Paraná
  • Ellis Marina Szabo Federal University of Paraná
  • Sandra Maria Warumby Zanin Federal University of Paraná
  • Obdulio Gomes Miguel Federal University of Paraná
  • Marilis Dallarmi Miguel Federal University of Paraná
  • Josiane de Fátima Gaspari Dias Federal University of Paraná
Keywords: Ocoteanutans/essential oil/evaluation, Antioxidant capacity, Aedesaegypti, Toxic potential


The present study was undertaken to assess the potential uses of the essential oil obtained from Ocotea nutans (Nees) Mez. The hydrodistilled essential oil from O. nutans leaves was analyzed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Fifty-eight compounds representing 87,29% of the total leaf essential oil components were identified, of which biciclogermacrene(11.41%), germacrene-D (4.89%), bisabolol11-ol(3.73%) and spathulenol (3.71%) were the major compounds. The essential oil from O. nutans were tested for antibacterial activity using the minimum inhibitory concentracion (MIC) method, Artemia salina method, larvicidal activity in Aedes aegypti, and antioxidant capacity.The antioxidant activity measured by the phosphomolybdenum complex and Prussian blue method had positive results. The minimum inhibitory concentration for the microorganisms tested allowed moderate inhibitionfor Enterococcus faecalis(MIC=500 µg/mL). Artemia salina were toxic to the organisms in the study (LC50= 71,70 μg /mL). The essential oil showed remarkable larvicidal activity potencial (LC50= 250 µg/mL). The present results showed that O. nutans essential oil has potential biological uses.


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Betim, F., Oliveira, C., Souza, A. M., Szabo, E., Zanin, S. M., Miguel, O., Miguel, M., & Dias, J. de F. (2019). Ocotea nutans (Nees) Mez (Lauraceae): chemical composition, antioxidant capacity and biological properties of essential oil. Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 55, e18284. https://doi.org/10.1590/s2175-97902019000118284