Milk consumption habits on dairy for farmers of family farming

  • Daniela Andrighi Universidade Federal da Fronteira Sul
  • Adriane Ferreira Frizzo Universidade Federal da Fronteira Sul
  • Iucif Abrão Nascif Junior Universidade Federal da Fronteira Sul
  • Karina Ramirez Starikoff Universidade Federal da Fronteira Sul
Keywords: Consumer behavior, Dairy, Raw milk, Questionnaire


Brazil is one of the largest milk producers in the world and most establishments are small producers of family farming. Milk is a perishable product and due to its nutritional characteristics provides a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria. The objective of this research was to evaluate the consumption habits of milk in family farms, identifying the consumption forms, evaluating the risks and the perception of risk by the producers, besides evaluating the sanitary management adopted in the properties with respect to the diseases transmitted by the milk and milk products. One hundred eleven producers from the city of Realeza-PR were interviewed. Almost half (48.64%, 54/111) had a small production with up to 10 lactating animals. Most of the producers had animals with a low productivity, and the average milk production per animal was less than 10 liters. The milk produced was consumed internally by 93.67% (104/111) of those interviewed, and 7.2% (8/111) claim to ingest raw milk without any previous heat treatment. Some producers
(18%, 20/111) still made dairy products, like cheese and dulce de leche. Although 82.87% (92/111) reported having knowledge about the transmission of diseases through milk, only 49.54% (55/111) named the diseases. Not all producers conducted tests in the herd for disease control. The present study also found that only 4 people interviewed (3.6%, 4/111) associated the consumption of raw milk with some illness and reported having some symptoms, such as vomiting, nausea, skin allergy, colic and gas. Thus, it is necessary to inform and guide producers about the risks associated with raw milk consumption, so that not only the health of the producer is assured, but also the family and the population that may acquire this product informally. 


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Andrighi, D., Frizzo, A., Nascif Junior, I., & Starikoff, K. (2019). Milk consumption habits on dairy for farmers of family farming. Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science, 56(2), e155455.