Evaluation of post-operative pain and stress in dogs after elective ovariohysterectomy under hospitalization





Dog, Stress, Pain, Ovariohysterectomy, Hospitalization


Surgical procedures in pet animals are usually associated with some degree of stress and pain. Hospitalization is one stress-triggering factor. The present study aimed to evaluate the degree of stress and pain during hospitalization of female dogs submitted to elective ovariohysterectomy (OVH) and to investigate the influence of hospitalization on the stress of these animals. Fifteen young adult crossbreed female dogs were divided into two groups: eight animals without surgery (Group 1 - control) and seven animals submitted to surgery (Group 2 - OVH). Pain and stress were evaluated. Visual analogue scale (VAS), simple descriptive pain scale (SDS) and modified Glasgow pain scale (MGPS) were used. Serum cortisol (μg/dL) and glucose (mg/dl) were also measured. No statistical difference was observed for cortisol (μg/dL) between the two groups. Despite the absence of statistical difference between groups and times, mean serum cortisol (μg/dL) values exceeded the normal values for the canine species at various times evaluated. Hyperglycemia was only observed at T4 in the OVH group. It was concluded that the hospitalization of animals was more relevant in the establishment of stress than the surgical procedure and associated pain. The influence of stress was a relevant factor in the results of assessments carried out using the MGPS.


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