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Distemper in Brazilian wild canidae and mustelidae: case report

Alexandre Aparecido Mattos da Silva Rego, Eliana Reiko Matushima, Celso Martins Pinto, Iara Biasia


It is reported a distemper outbreak among Brazilian wild animals from the following species: Galictis vittata, Crisocyon brachyurus and Cerdocyon thous, kept in Taboao de Serra City Zoo - SP - Brazil. Histopathological analyses showed the main lesions of the disease including inclusion bodies in different sites. Survival of the only animal that had been previously vaccinated
distemper stresses the importance of profilactic measures to control the disease.


Distemper, canidae, mustelidae.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11606/issn.2318-3659.v34i3p156-158


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