Presence of calcification in soft tissues in panoramic radiographs of patients from a dental school clinic




Dentistry, Panoramic Radiography, Prevalence, Physiological calcification


Panoramic radiography allows to assess areas adjacent to the maxilla and mandible. The most frequent soft tissue calcifications present in the stomatognathic system as described in the literature are ossifications of the styloid ligament, calcification of the thyroid cartilage, carotid calcific atherosclerosis, tonsilloliths, triticeal cartilage calcifications, sialoliths and calcified lymph nodes. This documentary analysis of digital panoramic radiographs was performed in a school clinic at a University in southern Santa Catarina to verify the occurrence of soft tissue calcification in the maxillofacial region. A total of 192 digital panoramic radiographs were selected and analyzed in patients over 40 years who sought dental care between 2015 and 2018, and the images were evaluated by an observer. Demographic data were collected from patients who had soft tissue calcification. Women and individuals between 60 and 69 years were the most affected. A total of 206 calcifications were found, 59.90% of the styloid ligament, 11.98% of the thyroid cartilage, 9.38% suspected of atheroma, 9.38% of tonsilloliths, 6.77% mineralization of the triticeal cartilage, 5,73% sialoliths and 4.17% calcified lymph nodes. No calcification was found for the cartilage of the epiglottis, anthrolite and rhinolith. Failure to complete anamnesis of electronic medical records made it impossible to associate it with the comorbidity variable.


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Author Biographies

Bruna Brunelli Coral, Universidade Extremo Sul Catarinense

Universidade Extremo Sul Catarinense, Criciúma, SC, Brasil

Gustavo Antonio Maximiano, Universidade Extremo Sul Catarinense

Universidade Extremo Sul Catarinense, Criciúma, SC, Brasil

Magada Tessman Schwalm, Universidade Extremo Sul Catarinense

Universidade Extremo Sul Catarinense, Criciúma, SC, Brasil

Andrigo Manyurato Rodrigues, Universidade do Extremo Sul Catarinense

Universidade Extremo Sul Catarinense, Criciúma, SC, Brasil

Ângela Catarina Maragno, Universidade do Extremo Sul Catarinense

Universidade Extremo Sul Catarinense, Criciúma, SC, Brasil


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