La producción de escritos en educación: reflexiones sobre la firma

  • Ivana Mihal Universidad Nacional de San Martín


This paper deals with the relationship between the state and certain elements associated with writing practices, such as signatures. It focuses on educational productions by the education sector on the national level. My goal is to analyze how, in writing practices developed by the state and in the signing of its productions, different ways of categorizing education writings are configured. This, in turn, allows to reveal the implicit and explicit mechanisms of educational policies, given that these mechanisms are part of the interventions, actions, and assessments carried out by such policies. As I will show, signatures are a means of identification, usually of an individual. However, in this case study, they also become the unifying and confrontational tool of a collective authorship, disrupting writing practices and assessments from the state education sector. At the same time, I will show the various ways in which these writings inscribe themselves and are inscribed into the working processes of national and jurisdictional teams. This article is the result of work carried out from a qualitative perspective, mainly through participant observations, interviews (with different social actors), website analysis, and the revision and analysis of different (normative) documentary sources.


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Mihal, I. (2018). La producción de escritos en educación: reflexiones sobre la firma. Educação E Pesquisa, 44, e175632.