A Design Process Evaluation Method for Sustainable Buildings

  • Christopher S. Magent
  • Sinem Korkmaz
  • Leidy E Klotz
  • David R. Riley


This research develops a technique to model and evaluate the design process for sustainable buildings. Three case studies were conducted to validate this method. The resulting design process evaluation method for sustainable buildings (DPEMSB) may assist project teams in designing their own sustainable building design processes. This method helps to identify critical decisions in the design process, to evaluate these decisions for time and sequence, to define information required for decisions from various project stakeholders, and to identify stakeholder competencies for process implementation. Published in the Journal AEDM - Volume 5, Numbers 1-2, 2009 , pp. 62-74(13)


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Magent, C., Korkmaz, S., Klotz, L., & Riley, D. (2009). A Design Process Evaluation Method for Sustainable Buildings. Gestão & Tecnologia De Projetos, 4(2), p.142-142. https://doi.org/10.4237/gtp.v4i2.136
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