• Ali Vakili-Ardebili
Palavras-chave: Building design drivers, design ecological indicators, eco-building design indicators, eco-efficiency, eco-indicators


The sustainable building design process is driven on the basis of a range of design eco-indicators. Consideration of a multitude of eco-determinants, such as environment, economy, resources, energy consumption and society values in addition to design characteristics and contexts, makes the process of ecological design even more complex. A large number of eco-drivers are extracted from the literature and current design practices. To gain a better insight on eco-design determinants, a survey focusing on the use of eco-design drivers has been conducted with various architects in the UK. The factor analysis method was used to remove redundant data from the survey. Through the factor analysis approach, 115 eco-determinants are grouped into six main clusters. This article presents the process, analysis and findings of this work. The extracted eco-indicators and their associated clusters can be used to improve the process of ecological building design. DOI: 10.3763/aedm.2008.0096 Source: Architectural Engineering and Design Management, Volume 6, Number 2, 2010 , pp. 111-131(21)


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Vakili-Ardebili, A. (2010). ECOLOGICAL BUILDING DESIGN DETERMINANTS. Gestão & Tecnologia De Projetos, 5(2), p. 209-209.
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