Psychopathological profile and quality of life of patients with oral lichen planus

  • Małgorzata Radwan-Oczko Wroclaw Medical University; Department of Oral Pathology
  • Edyta Zwyrtek Lower Silesian Mental Health Center
  • Joanna Elżbieta Owczarek Wroclaw Medical University; Department of Oral Pathology
  • Dorota Szcześniak Wroclaw Medical University; Department of Psychiatry; Division of Consultation Psychiatry and Neuroscience
Keywords: Oral lichen planus, Psychopathology, Mental status


Objectives Oral lichen planus (OLP) is a chronic, multifocal, sometimes painful, inflammatory disease of the oral mucosa. OLP can predispose development of psycho-emotional disorders. Until now, the relationship between the severity of lichen planus and the psychological profile of patients (psychological well-being, perceived stress and pain coping strategies) has never been studied. Material and Methods Study was conducted on 42 OLP patients. Number of sites involved, severity and activity score of OLP were evaluated. Psychological tests were used to evaluate patients’ psycho-emotional condition. The mean duration time of symptomatic OLP was 43 months. Results We detected that the longer the duration of subjective symptoms, the poorer the quality of life and the higher the level of perceived stress (PSS). Also, the higher the PSS results, the greater the anxiety and depression on Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS). Likewise, higher level of depression in HADS was strongly correlated with worse quality of life. (p≤0.05). Conclusions In this study, we detected a relationship between duration of the disease, level of perceived stress and quality of life. The longer the disease lasts, the higher it tends to catastrophize. This may influence development or increase of the anxiety and depression and may decrease patients’ quality of life.


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