A (premature) eulogy of broadcasting: the sense of the ending of television

  • Milly Buonanno La Sapienza University of Roma
Keywords: Broadcasting, narrowcasting, microcasting, digital, convergence


The vanishing centrality of broadcast television has turned into a key issue within contemporary media studies, thus making the end of television a familiar trope in scholarly discourses and opening the way to a redefinition of the present-day phase in terms of post-broadcast era. Besides recognizing that there are plenty of places in the world where the broadcast era is still alive, this article makes the claim that the discoursive formation of the passing of television as we knew it may offer media scholar-ship the opportunity to assume the viewpoint of the end as the privileged perspective from which the broadcast era can be looked at anew, eventually acknowledging the reasons why it is liable to be praised rather than buried.


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Author Biography

Milly Buonanno, La Sapienza University of Roma
Milly Buonanno Milly Buonanno is a retired professor of Television Studies at La Sapienza University of Rome. She is currently Head of the research program GEMMA (GEnder and Media MAtter) at La Sapienza, Depart. of Communication and social research, and Director of the OFI (Observatory of Italian Fiction).
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Buonanno, M. (2015). A (premature) eulogy of broadcasting: the sense of the ending of television. MATRIZes, 9(1), 67-86. https://doi.org/10.11606/issn.1982-8160.v9i1p67-86