Against the abstract critique. Rejoinder to Francisco Rüdiger

  • André Lemos Universidade Federal da Bahia
Keywords: Rejoinder, technology, critique, essence, actor-network theory


The text is a rejoinder to Francisco Rüdiger’s critique of the paper “A crítica da crítica essencialista da cibercultura” (Lemos, 2015). It reaffirms the central argument that the problem of technology critique is an essentialist view of the technique, and discusses the 3 issues indicated in the reply: 1. lack of academic references, 2. performative contradiction, and 3. uncritical endorsement. The work reveals the fragility of Rüdiger’s paper in not naming the interpretation errors of the main works used and in not being able to seriously analyze Latour’s (2012) theoretical proposal, presented with a counterpoint to the essentialist view of technology. The text refuses the listed issues and affirms the abstract aspect of the reply


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Author Biography

André Lemos, Universidade Federal da Bahia
Doutor em Sociologia pela Université René Descartes, Paris V, Sorbonne. Pesquisador 1A do Conselho Nacional de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento (CNPq/MCT) e Professor Associado IV da UFBA
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Lemos, A. (2016). Against the abstract critique. Rejoinder to Francisco Rüdiger. MATRIZes, 10(1), 67-90.