Social apocalypse in contemporary Hollywood film

  • Douglas Kellner University of California-CA, EUA
Keywords: Social apocalypse, Hollywood film, allegories of catastrophe, diagnostic critique


Films provide important insights into the psychological, socio-political, and ideological make-up of a society and culture. Reading film diagnostically allows one to gain insights into social problems and conflicts and to appraise the dominant socio-political problems and crises of the contemporary moment. This article engages Hollywood films that contain allegories of catastrophe within the context of the Bush-Cheney era. As I attempt to show, horror, fantasy and other popular film genres articulate fears of the present moment concerning the state and the military, ecological and social crisis, and other phenomena, and can thus provide critical images and provide experiences that raise questions about the existing society


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Douglas Kellner, University of California-CA, EUA
Ele atualmente é o Presidente George Kneller de Filosofia da Educação do Programa de PósGraduação da Escola de Estudos da Educação e da Informação da University of California
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