Is television capable of informing?

  • Patrick Charaudeau Université de Paris XIII
Keywords: Television, TV news, visual staging, image, public


This article approaches the television matter as information media. It shows that television is a vehicle of democracy, which serves the “masses” (a more wide-ranging type of audience than traditional press readers), but, at the same time, is not capable of manipulating them with ease. It is considered that television audience is an interested part in the process of its proposed spectacularization of world seen on TV. Television assumes a particular role, even though it is possible to affirm that there is no meaning without verbal language. Television puts its viewer, a “kaleidoscope of opinions”, in a dual position: as a “world spectator” and as a “television spectator”.


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Patrick Charaudeau, Université de Paris XIII
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Laboratoire Communication et Politique
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Charaudeau, P. (2016). Is television capable of informing?. MATRIZes, 10(2), 13-23.