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Adaptation, disruption, and regulation in media dispositifs

Jairo Ferreira


In this article, we present propositions about the processes of uncertainty and indeterminacy in mediatization contexts. The objective of this reflection is to develop a field of hypotheses for the analysis of media processes, in their relations with social processes, focusing on media dispositifs. Three hypotheses are presented according to specific epistemological perspectives: that which we categorize as activated by the sign; the second, by the systems of intelligibility; the third, the technological systems, in particular the digital ones. These relations – between logic and processes – are, in the conclusions, disposed in three hexagons, in which the hypotheses, situated as competitors and relational, suggest new prospects about the uncertainty and indeterminacy in mediatization scenarios.


Dispositivos midiáticos; incerteza; sistemas de inteligibilidade; semiose; sistemas tecnológicos

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11606/issn.1982-8160.v10i2p135-153

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