The fragmented body of contemporary cinema

  • Elenildes Dantas Universidade de São Paulo
Keywords: Cinema, cinematic body, aesthetics, image


In The cinematic body, Steven Shaviro explores the relationship between the cinematic apparatus and the life of the body, suggesting that both are not alien or extrinsic to each other, since their symbolic and parasitic interpretation is part of the postmodern culture of social and technological relations of capitalist society. Understanding the cinema as a living medium that causes bodily reactions of desire and fear, pleasure and disgust, fascination and shame, the author seeks relations with postmodernity, the politics of human bodies, the construction of masculinity and the masochistic aesthetic, present in films.


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Author Biography

Elenildes Dantas, Universidade de São Paulo
Programa de Pós-Graduação em Meios e Processos Audiovisuais
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Dantas, E. (2016). The fragmented body of contemporary cinema. MATRIZes, 10(2), 197-201.
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