Social network analysis: a guide to theoretical and practical initiation

  • Ana Lúcia Nunes de Sousa Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Keywords: Analysis, social networks, social media, online


In this book, the authors Raquel Recuero, Marco Bastos and Gabriela Zago present the reader with a simple and accessible guide for initiation into the analysis of social networks as a research methodology of social media, as for instance, Facebook and Twitter. The basic concepts, a brief history of the study of social networks, patterns and analysis software and a rich set of examples, where the social media analysis can be applied, are presented in the work. The intention of the authors is to popularize the methodology and the tools so that more researchers can explore the field of social media.


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Ana Lúcia Nunes de Sousa, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Programa de doutorado em Comunicación y Periodismo.
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Sousa, A. L. (2016). Social network analysis: a guide to theoretical and practical initiation. MATRIZes, 10(2), 203-206.
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