Stuart Hall’s legacy and the Community Communication

Keywords: Stuart Hall, Community Communication, popular culture, class struggle


This article advocates the relevance of Stuart Hall’s legacy for the study and practice of Community Communication, highlighting part of his production in the 1970s and 1980s, in which Marxian thought was more present. It is argued that the analysis of the various types of oppression and resistance that permeate the communicational practices only have to gain from its critical articulation to the general plan of the class struggle. It is defended, in epistemological, theoretical and methodological terms, a rapprochement between Cultural Studies and the Political Economy of Information, Communication and Culture, as a movement capable of revealing little explored horizons for the praxis of Community Communication.


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Cabral, A., & Schneider, M. (2016). Stuart Hall’s legacy and the Community Communication. MATRIZes, 10(3), 107-124.
Stuart Hall and the collectives