Chains of happiness: emotions, gender, and power

  • João Freire Filho Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Keywords: Emotions, happiness, gender identity, power, internet


From the discussion on happy life norms, I direct the investigative focus from media representations to the internet’s emotional courts, proposing the construction of a theoretical-methodological reference framework to analyze the discussions on the emotional posture of two women: a prostitute who declared to be “happy” with her profession, in a campaign of the Brazilian Ministry of Health; and a mother who revealed to “hate” the experience of motherhood, in answer to a Facebook challenge. The examination of the impact of these two cases will provide a vivid panorama of the implications of affective ideals that, along with other disciplinary forces, constrain and produce identities.


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Author Biography

João Freire Filho, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Doutor em Literatura Brasileira pela PUC-Rio. Professor associado da Escola de Comunicação da UFRJ. Bolsista de produtividade em pesquisa do CNPq (Nível 1D) e membro titular do Comitê de Assessoramento desta mesma instituição.
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Freire Filho, J. (2017). Chains of happiness: emotions, gender, and power. MATRIZes, 11(1), 61-81.