Reflexive practices in science blogs written by scientists

Keywords: Science communication, reflexivity, discourse, science blogs


We investigate the discursive configuration of science communication blogs written by scientists. From the theoretical perspective of Foucault and Maingueneau, we analyze the enunciations of 1,329 posts from 43 science blogs, identifying their discursive formations. We identified enunciations of the discursive formation of reflexivity. They constitute modalities of enunciation to talk about themselves, science institution and science and subject roles of scientist blogger protagonist, positioning the enunciator as a character of the enunciation, and as Scientist blogger commentator that enables him to give his opinion on scientific practice. Blogs become spaces of reflexivity for scientists and reiterate his social position of guardian of science discourse.


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Natália Flores, Universidade Federal de Pelotas
Doutora em Comunicação pela UFPE. Pós-Doutora em Comunicação pela UFSM.
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Flores, N. (2017). Reflexive practices in science blogs written by scientists. MATRIZes, 11(3), 197-219.
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