Peter Sloterdijk’s spherical communication

  • Fernando Garbini Cespedes ECA-USP
Keywords: metaphor, spherology, history of language, morphology, essay


In Spheres, the German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk elects the human vital space as an essential anthropological category. As per his work, we only become humans when sheltering under self-created spherical forms – both symbolic and concrete – able to provide immunization, comfort and protection against the exterior. The trilogy, formed by the volumes Bubbles, Globes and Foams, dialogues with the communication field by proposing morphological metaphors to describe the communication spaces. The work offers tools to interpret communication contemporary phenomena while providing a poetical and essay-like approach to the complexity of the human condition.


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Fernando Garbini Cespedes, ECA-USP
Doutorando no Programa de Ciências da Comunicação (PPGCOM) - ECA-USP
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Cespedes, F. (2018). Peter Sloterdijk’s spherical communication. MATRIZes, 12(2), 311-316.
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