The concept of hegemony in the way from media to mediations

Keywords: Hegemony, mediations, mass communication, popular culture, Latin America


The theoretical-methodological shift from the media to mediations, proposed by Jesús Martín-Barbero, implies the adoption of a perspective in which communication is associated with political-cultural processes. In this approach, the concept of hegemony occupies a central position. This article aims to show how this theoretical contribution helped to develop an original approach to mass communication in Latin America. In order to do so, it begins with an explanation about the origin of the term and its appropriation by communication and culture studies. Next, it locates historically Martín-Barbero’s researches that introduced the concept in the continent, allowing the understanding of its singularities in the book From the media to mediations.


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Author Biography

Gláucia da Silva Mendes Moraes, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Doutora em Comunicação e Cultura pela UFRJ. Mestre e jornalista pela UFJF.
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Moraes, G. (2018). The concept of <i>hegemony</i&gt; in the way from media to mediations. MATRIZes, 12(1), 173-188.