Barberian theory of communication

Keywords: Jesus Martín-Barbero, Barberian theory of communication, cartographic method, maps of mediations, epistemology of communication


Within the milestone of the 30 years of the book De los medios a las mediaciones, we intend to make a kind of diurne map of the work of Jesús Martín-Barbero. We propose to demonstrate that Martín-Barbero’s communicational thought does not conform to a theory of reception nor to a theory of mediations, but it constitutes a specific theory of communication, characterized by its own epistemology, methodology and concepts, which we call Barberian theory of communication. We intend to demonstrate it through three axes of analysis: 1) the epistemology of communication, with the metaphor of the epistemological chill that makes the rupture in the communicational knowledge; 2) the cartography as a method to promote new parameters of knowledge representation; 3) the theoretical-methodological maps that are the “nocturne map” and four maps of the mediations.


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