emerging problems and measures to guide public opinion and fight dissent

Keywords: China, public opinion, politics, internet, Social Credit System


This article highlights significant aspects of the contemporary reality in Chinese society,  characterized by fast economic and cultural changes. It discusses how has the formation of a public opinion independent from institutional power occurred, increasingly more fragmented, heterogenous, and sometimes critical to the choices made by the regime. The diversity of opinions is favored by the internet. But this mean is also considered by the Chinese State, in initiatives such as the Social Credit System, a tool to strengthen trust and social cohesion, reducing destabilization risks for the leadership of the Communist Party.


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Author Biography

Giuseppe Richeri, Università della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano

Emeritus Professor, University of Lugano

Former Dean of the Communication Sciences Faculty

Former director of Media and Journalism Institute

Professor of Media Economy, Communication University of China, Beijing


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Richeri, G. (2019). China. MATRIZes, 13(2), 13-25.