The languages as antidotes to the mediacentrism

  • Lucia Santaella Pontíficia Universidade Católica
Keywords: languages, media convergence, hypermedia, remix culture, matrices of language


The profusion of media is so intense, its participation in social and individual life is so omnipresent that the media come to produce the effect of a fetish. The presence of the media is so prominent that everything else seems to fade away. When attention is fixed exclusively on media, the first thing to be missed, as a sort of blind spot of the retina, are the sign processes which, by the way, are produced and transmitted by the media. Without underestimating the media saturation and its multiple consequences in contemporary societies, the aim of this paper is to bring sign processes to the front of the scene, take them from the back stage, from negligence and almost forgetfulness to which they have been relegated.


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Author Biography

Lucia Santaella, Pontíficia Universidade Católica
Professora titular da PUC-SP com doutoramento em Teoria Literária na PUC-SP, em 1973, e Livre- Docência em Ciências da Comunicação na ECA-USP, em 1993. É coordenadora da Pós-Graduação em Tecnologias da Inteligência e Design Digital, Diretora do Cimid (Centro de Investigação em Mídias Digitais) e coordenadora do Centro de Estudos Peirceanos, na PUC-SP. É correspondente brasileira da Academia Argentina de Belas Artes e presidente para 2007 da Charles S. Peirce Society (EUA).
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Santaella, L. (2007). The languages as antidotes to the mediacentrism. MATRIZes, 1(1), 75-97.