Contemporary communication and questions of social class

  • Graham Murdock Loughborough University


During many years, media and communication studies shared a common conception with other knowledge fields: the conception of social class. Little by little, this conception was replaced by others that looked for standing out not the invariances, but the singularities between social groups in conflict. The strict vertical outlines of the social class gave place to the horizons opened by the difference. It is time to reverse this perception and insist on the idea that beneath the beach are the graves of pavement rocks. The social class could be rhetorically abolished from many texts, but the impressive amount of empirical evidence confirms that it remains as an essential force to model how we live today.


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Author Biography

Graham Murdock, Loughborough University
Professor no Instituto para Comunicação de Massa na Universidade de Bergen, Noruega.Seus principais interesses estão no campo da Sociologia e Economia Política da Cultura.
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