Metatv: the mediation as an apprehended reality

  • Márcio Serelle PUC Minas
Keywords: 1. Television 2. Metalanguage 3. Mediation


The television that narrates itself, as an intensification of neotv skills, pointed out by Eco, emphasizes their mediation processes, as the reality to be apprehended by the spectators was that of the medium’s inner side. Considering the notions of media transparency and opacity, this article aims at analyzing the meanings of this metalanguage acts present in many levels of the programming. This text examines closely the enunciation strategies of two programs: Profissão reporter and Cena aberta, which specular attitude reveals, in the media culture, the fascination by television mediation.


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Márcio Serelle, PUC Minas
Professor doutor do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Comunicação Social da PUC Minas.
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Serelle, M. (2009). Metatv: the mediation as an apprehended reality. MATRIZes, 2(2), 167-179.
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