Power, Media Culture and New Media

  • Robin Mansell London School of Economics & Political Science
Keywords: Information Society, New Media, Information and Communication, Power Relations, Equal


The label ‘new media’ is closely associated with The Information Society and with a particular vision of developments in the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs). For economists who follow developments in digital ICTs, these terms are aligned with a vision where innovative ideas and technologies are expected to ‘fuel’ economic growth. This is a vision that crystallized after World War II when scientists, engineers and mathematicians became interested in control systems that might realize hopes for the contribution of artificial intelligence and robotics to improvements in the lives of workers and in society as a whole (See Shannon and Weaver 1949; Wiener 1956; and Mansell 2009b).


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Author Biography

Robin Mansell, London School of Economics & Political Science
Professora e diretora do Departamento de Mídias e Comunicações da London School of Economics & PoliticalScience (LSE). Foi presidente da International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR). Sua pesquisa trata das políticas sociais e econômicas associadas com as tecnologias de informação e comunicação.
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