interview, Bernard Miège, communication, technology, society

  • Bernard Miège Universidade de Stendhal-Grenoble
Keywords: interview, Bernard Miège, communication, technology, society


MATRIZes journal has in its second edition of Interview section the professor Bernard Miège, who gives a contribution on the relation between communication and technology in contemporary society. The set of questions we have elaborated intended to present a discussion, from the perspective of Miège, about the changes that the field of communication has experienced since the consolidation of ICTs (digital technologies of information and communication) as a major factor of production and consumption of information in the 21st century. In order to contextualize the ideas of Miège and to amplify the spectrum of his proposals, we present throughout the text a sequence of textual (and linear because of the media) “hyperlinks” on his thinking.


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Author Biography

Bernard Miège, Universidade de Stendhal-Grenoble
Professor emérito de Ciências da Informação e da Comunicação da Universidade de Stendhal-Grenoble, França. Sua obra versa sobre teorias da Comunicação, indústrias culturais e tecnologias de informação e comunicação.
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Miège, B. (2011). interview, Bernard Miège, communication, technology, society. MATRIZes, 3(1), 121-126.