Convocation in magazines and the construction of the plus in the media gadgets

  • José Luiz Aidar Prado PUC-SP
Keywords: journalistic narrative, modalization, cognitive maps, convocation, segmented magazines


The journalistic texts can be analysed as meaning productions that circulate around a communication contract in which occurs a projection of a totalizator enunciator and a destitute enunciatee. The enunciator develops a narrative convocation in order to transform the enunciatee towards a best condition of being, having, knowing and being able to do more. Furthermore, the contract is a simulacrum of a dialogical situation that can be better understood through the concept of dispositive, presented by Foucault and Agamben. The text studies the dispositive functioning in the modalizations directed to the enunciatee, so that he is able to achieve this plus in subjects related to the man-woman relationship in three segmented magazines: Men’s Health, Woman’s Health and Claudia


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Author Biography

José Luiz Aidar Prado, PUC-SP
Professor doutor do Programa de Estudos Pós-graduados em Comunicação e Semiótica da Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, PUC-SP, organizador da hipermídia A invenção do Mesmo e do Outro na mídia semanal e coordenador do Grupo de Pesquisas em Mídia Impressa - Um dia, sete dias.
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Prado, J. L. (2011). Convocation in magazines and the construction of the plus in the media gadgets. MATRIZes, 3(2), 63-78.