Literature and cinema: link and confrontation

  • Linda Catarina Gualda Unesp Assis
Keywords: literature, cinema, art


The objective of this paper is to discuss the relations between literature and cinema in theoretical levels considering that both arts have connections and differences. Just as the literature was the most important art expression in the 19th and 20th centuries, the cinema nowadays is considered the universal art. In other words, cinema is the art which unite the biggest number of interested people. Then, the comparative study between these art expressions allows an analysis of the extraordinary contribution that one art brings to another.


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Author Biography

Linda Catarina Gualda, Unesp Assis
Formada em Letras, mestre e doutoranda pela UNESP/Assis, com a tese Literatura e cinema: representações do feminino em Washington Square, Daisy Miller e The Europeans.
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Gualda, L. C. (2011). Literature and cinema: link and confrontation. MATRIZes, 3(2), 201-220.
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