Convergence and memory: journalism, context and history

  • Marcos Palacios Universidade Federal da Bahia
Keywords: journalism, memory, history, convergence.


Never before was our society so wrapped and occupied in processes of production of memory; the stock of social memory was never before so easily and quickly available and never before has journalism – as a social practice - been so centrally located amid this accelerated process of production and preservation of memory. Starting from these ideas, and within the context of digital media, this essay explores recent transformations in the relationship between Memory and Journalism, both as it concerns Journalism as a repository of memory for the production of historical works, as in terms of changing patterns and effects of the work of memory operated in the production of journalistic texts.


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Author Biography

Marcos Palacios, Universidade Federal da Bahia
Marcos Palacios é jornalista profissional e Ph.D. em Sociologia pela University of Liverpool. Professor Titular de Jornalismo na Faculdade de Comunicação da Universidade Federal da Bahia, atualmente na Universidade da Beira Interior (Portugal) como Professor Catedrático Visitante.
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Palacios, M. (2011). Convergence and memory: journalism, context and history. MATRIZes, 4(1), 37-50.