The dissolution of the Other in contemporary communication

  • Malena Segura Contrera Universidade Paulista
  • Norval Baitello Junior
Keywords: otherness, imaging culture, technology, electronic media.


Based on a few analyses of contemporary culture and communication, we suggest that one can perceive an increasing dissolution of otherness in mediations carried out through the so-called new media, constructed from technological platforms which are increasingly distant from corporeity and its requirements. Experiences of enchantment are transferred from the senses to the apparatuses, dissolving the present time and the perception of the self in favour of supports or images generated by or for technological platforms. Technology becomes autonomous, generating hypnogenic subjects and objects around itself.


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Author Biography

Malena Segura Contrera, Universidade Paulista
Doutora em Comunicação e Semiótica, professora do Programa de Mestrado em Comunicação e Cultura Mediática da UNIP, membro dos Grupos de Pesquisa em Semiótica da Cultura e da Mídia (PUC/SP) e em Mídia e Cultura (UNIP), e pesquisadora do CNPq.
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Contrera, M., & Baitello Junior, N. (2011). The dissolution of the Other in contemporary communication. MATRIZes, 4(1), 101-111.