Social networks and reception studies on the internet

  • Denise Cogo Unisinos
  • Liliane Dutra Brignol Unifra (Centro Universitário Franciscano)
Keywords: Social Networks, Reception Studies, Internet


In this article we propose an itinerary for thinking about social networks as environments and the search for placing its incidences in reception studies on internet. We start from the understanding that the role developed by social networks in the organization of contemporaneous relations brings consequences for the configuration and uses of media, highlighting the internet. This demands a reconfiguration of the perspective on reception processes. In this text we discuss conceptual concepts concerning the repositioning of interaction in reception studies within the context of connected society. We draw attention to five dimensions that demand attention in this repositioning: ease of access to the production field, media convergence, interactivity, hypertextuality and heterogeneity of internet characteristics.


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Author Biographies

Denise Cogo, Unisinos
Professora Titular do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ciências da Comunicação da Unisinos Pesquisadora Produtividade Nível 2 do CNPq
Liliane Dutra Brignol, Unifra (Centro Universitário Franciscano)
Doutora em Ciências da Comunicação pela Unisinos – RS e professora do curso de Jornalismo do Centro Universitário Franciscano (Unifra, Santa Maria – RS)
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Cogo, D., & Dutra Brignol, L. (2011). Social networks and reception studies on the internet. MATRIZes, 4(2), 75-92.