Cyberculture theory and the actuality of mass culture debate

  • Francisco Rüdiger PUC - RS
Keywords: Cyberculture, digital media, communication theory


The 1990’s were witness of a polemics about new media technologies that continues today as dispute about cyberculture’s meaning. There are, in one side, some theorists that see in new media an advance that cuts off with linear and vertical communication. Contrasting with those, there are others that see in it a modern form to promote our cultural alienation. We argue in favor of culture industry thesis in this article, adopting a critical instance towards the subject, but at the same time thought if cyberculture contemporary theorists aren’t victims of a long term problem and that has to do with the intellectual closeness from which modernity may be prisoner as “cultural” epoch, according to Martin Heidegger.


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Author Biography

Francisco Rüdiger, PUC - RS
Doutor em Ciências Sociais pela Universidade de São Paulo, leciona na Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul. Também é professor nos Departamentos de Filosofia e Comunicação da Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul. Publicou, entre outros, Martin Heidegger e a questão da técnica (Sulina, 2006) e Cibercultura e pós-humanismo (Edipucrs, 2008).
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Rüdiger, F. (2011). Cyberculture theory and the actuality of mass culture debate. MATRIZes, 5(1), 45-61.