On convergences and hibridities: remix and pillage in border films

  • Rosana de Lima Soares ECA-USP
Keywords: Media culture, convergences, hybridisms, brazilian cinema, border movies


The article aims to establish the relationships between media convergence (especially audiovisual ones) and hybridisms of genres in Brazilian border movies. In the first part, we present the border cinema and some perspectives to think the cultures of convergence; in the second part we deal with the hybridisms in the work of the director Simião Martiniano, especially in his last film, O show variado (2008, 40’), which combines elements of musical, comedy and romance genres, like director’s previous works, figuring what we call an impure genre. This film provides useful dialogue with audiovisual narratives present in genre films and those representative of the television drama.


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Soares, R. (2011). On convergences and hibridities: remix and pillage in border films. MATRIZes, 5(1), 137-154. https://doi.org/10.11606/issn.1982-8160.v5i1p137-154