From culture to cybercultur@ and knowledge process

  • Jorge A. González
  • por Richard Romancini ECA - USP


Mexican researcher Jorge A. González Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) is well-known by Brazilians since he has taught courses, made conferences and published articles in many of the country´s journals. His studies on popular culture and TV soap operas, from which the concept of cultural fronts emerged, made him connectded to a group of Latin-American authors that includes Jesús Martín-Barbero, Néstor García Canclini among others. His books Más(+) Cultura(s): ensayos sobre realidades plurales, published in 1994, and La cofradía de las emociones (in)terminables: miradas sobre telenovelas em México, published in 1998, are representative of his current research. His research keeps emphasizing the cultural dimension, but are growing towards the development of the notion of cybercultur@ - seen as an object of study and as a possible source of social development and empowerment – And thinking over knowledge process, based on genetic epistemology. In the following interview, Mr. González discusses some aspects of his research.


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Author Biography

por Richard Romancini, ECA - USP
Doutor em Ciências da Comunicação pela USP (Universidade de São Paulo), professor universitário e jornalista. É pesquisador do Centro de Estudos do Campo da Comunicação da Universidade de São Paulo (CECOM-ECA/ USP).
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