Online Journalism Design: Evolution, Criteria and Challenges

  • Ana Serrano Tellería Universidad de Cantabria
Keywords: Design, Journalism, Internet, Online Journalism, Online Journalism Design, Cyberjournalism


Since the 90's came the first "cybermedia -online media-", its design has been adapted to the content it offers and the support technological evolution, although, most progress has been made outside the journalistic environment. The search for a business model in a global economic crisis, the digital convergence and multiplatform diversification to which companies must face, the user's role in generating content and trends, new horizons in the field of the data bases and information retrieval; precisely, because of the complexity of the communicative structure and management, of scientific disciplines such as architecture, ecology, visualization and information design and interaction -plus graphic and audiovisual design.


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Author Biography

Ana Serrano Tellería, Universidad de Cantabria
PhD Cum Laude at University of the Basque Country, Spain, with Doctoral Thesis tittled 'Initial Node Design on Cybermedia: A Comparative Study', orientated by Prof. Javier Díaz Noci - Pompeu Fabra University. Awarded with a four year grant by University of the Basque Country to complete her Thesis and another one by Spanish Ministry of Education and Science to finish it at Federal University of Salvador de Bahía, Brazil, with Prof. Marcos Da Silva Palacios and GJOL. Editor of first spanish university handbook 'Online Journalism Design - Diseño periodístico en Internet' (University of Basque Country, 2007). Master in 'Innovation Management' (2011) and 'Stage Arts' (2005). Online journalist at, Vocento (2002-03).
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Serrano Tellería, A. (2012). Online Journalism Design: Evolution, Criteria and Challenges. MATRIZes, 5(2), 269-285.
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