Reading critically and reading creatively

  • Henry Jenkins
Keywords: fiction, critical reading, creative reading


This text discusses the importance of fiction derived from literary works by their fans,proposing the difference between critical reading and creative reading. He explores themain methods used and the motivation of this subculture, as well as its manifestationon the Internet. He not only cites some commercial works based on classics, but alsodiscusses the possible pedagogical impact of appropriating of this phenomenon inthe classroom.


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Author Biography

Henry Jenkins
Professor de Comunicação,Jornalismo e Cinemáticana University of SouthernCalifornia e principalpesquisador do Project NewMedia Literacies (NML).Autor, entre outros livros,de Cultura da Convergência
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Jenkins, H. (2012). Reading critically and reading creatively. MATRIZes, 6(1-2), 11-24.