Social and institutional heterogeneity, interculturality, and intercultural communication

  • Daniel Mato
Keywords: heterogeneity, interculturality, intercultural communication, social participation, university


The social experiences that I have studied have demanded me to develop an interculturalanalytical perspective that enlarges the field of applications of the ideas ofinterculturality and intercultural communication. This article discusses that perspective,which main characteristics are that it does not restrict the analysis to casesmarked by ethnic, national or linguistic referents, but it includes others associatedto professional, institutional, and political cultures, as well as that it does not limit itto the study of relationships between social agents, but it also includes relationshipswithin collective and institutional social agents.


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Daniel Mato
Doutor em CiênciasSociais, é pesquisadordo Consejo Nacional deInvestigaciones Científicasy Técnicas (CONICET)da Argentina, adjuntoà Universidad NacionalTres de Febrero, ondecoordena a linha de pesquisaCultura, Comunicación yTransformaciones Sociales.Coordenador do ProyectoDiversidad Cultural eInterculturalidad enEducación Superior doInstituto Internacional daUNESCO para a EducaçãoSuperior na AméricaLatina e Caribe.
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Mato, D. (2012). Social and institutional heterogeneity, interculturality, and intercultural communication. MATRIZes, 6(1-2), 43-62.