Communication group strategies in the dawn of the 21st century

  • Jean-Yves Mollier
Keywords: book market, global industry, financialization


The beginning of the 1980s was marked by the appearance of a global communicationindustry, ignoring political borders. Having picked a vertical integration model, enterprisingcompanies took action, multiplying acquisitions and investing in the completerestructuring of the book market. In trying to understand these changes, it is necessaryto stop in the paradigm change represented by the financialization of economic lifeduring these last 20 years. Nothing could be further from the truth, however, to concludethis analysis, than the triumph of a certain company over its competitors. The studyof often irregular movements that happened in all of the editorial market in the last 15years confirms the always tentative character of the balance observed in a given moment.


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Author Biography

Jean-Yves Mollier
Professor da Université deVersailles Saint-Quentin-enYvelines. Autor, dentreoutros títulos publicadosno Brasil, de O Dinheiroe as Letras. História doCapitalismo Editorial.São Paulo: Edusp, 2010.
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