Traffic and connectivities on the web: an audio-visual ecology

  • Sonia Montaño Unisinos
  • Suzana Kilpp Unisinos
Keywords: audiovisual, web, ecology


The paper attempts an web audiovisual ecology as a way to understand the stage oftechnique in which we find ourselves and the device in which we operate. This ecologyis related with the perception of the set of relations established between the elements ofthe video and with his surroundings. Through dissection – a procedure of the framesmethodology authenticates the overlapping frames by the assembly, framework, etc.from where the meanings of images come- we found, for example, in landscape ofJustin TV platform, the meanings attributed to the time live streams are related toflows inserted by transit and connectivity that tensioning and recycle the meaningsenunciated by TV off-line to real time.


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Author Biographies

Sonia Montaño, Unisinos
Mestre e doutoranda em Ciências da Comunicação pela Unisinos, professora do Curso de Comunicação Digital da Unisinos.
Suzana Kilpp, Unisinos
Doutora em Ciências da Comunicação pela Unisinos. Professora e pesquisadora no Programa de Pós-graduação em Ciências da Comunicação da Unisinos.
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Montaño, S., & Kilpp, S. (2012). Traffic and connectivities on the web: an audio-visual ecology. MATRIZes, 6(1-2), 129-144.
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