Intellectuals and social networks: new media, old traditions

  • Rita Figueiras Universidade Católica Portuguesa
Keywords: intellectuals, television, internet, eighteenth century salons, social networks


One of the central institutions where the identity of intellectuals was cemented, theeighteenth century salon, is being re-enacted today, precisely on the internet. By supplyingtechnological resources for the socialization of the projects of each intellectualin a network of similar subjects, lay experts and non-specialists, the Internet, a liquidmedia per excellence, as a privileged set for new authorities of knowledge to expressand expand themselves, became not just a cause of disintegration, but also a powerfulsocial re-construction tool both for intellectual community and public culture. TheInternet is a place where intellectuals are finding room for exerting their role of reflexiveconscience of contemporary era.


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Author Biography

Rita Figueiras, Universidade Católica Portuguesa
PhD in Communication Sciences at Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP) (2007), Master in Communication, Culture and Technology at Instituto Superior das Ciências e do Trabalho (ISCTE) (2001), Degree in Social and Culture Communication at UCP (1997). Assistant Professor of the Faculdade de Ciências Humanas (FCH) of UCP since 1998. She teaches the discipline of Sociology of Communication to the course of Social and Cultural Communication and Political Communication to the Master of Communication Sciences.
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Figueiras, R. (2012). Intellectuals and social networks: new media, old traditions. MATRIZes, 6(1-2), 145-160.
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