The virtual bios, the local perspectives and the role of diversity in education

  • Claudia Freire ECA _ USP
Keywords: culture, education, pedagogy, sociology of education, technology


Dealing with historical aspects of pedagogical lineage in Brazil, the latest Muniz Sodré’sbook Reinventing Education: diversity, decolonization and networks approaches theeducation under a transdisciplinary perspective, proposing urgency toward the redefinitionsabout the school and the teacher’s practice, beyond hyper textual cultureand virtual bios. In a time when youths reverberates the experience of an “endlessentertainment” captained by the media is presented, by contrast, the harsh dilemmaticreality of education in the Latin American countries, that needs to be reviewedfrom the perspective of cultural diversity and critical thought about universal andhomogenizing aspects of modernity.


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Author Biography

Claudia Freire, ECA _ USP
Doutoranda do Programade Pós-Graduação emCiências da Comunicaçãoda Universidade de SãoPaulo – PPGCOM – USP.Pesquisadora do CETVN– Centro de Estudos deTelenovela da USP. Bolsistapelo CNPq. Desenvolve pesquisasobre metodologias,métricas e monitoramentode redes sociais
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Freire, C. (2012). The virtual bios, the local perspectives and the role of diversity in education. MATRIZes, 6(1-2), 237-242.
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