A cultural form for the technological society

  • Marco Toledo Bastos Universidade de Sao Paulo
Keywords: culture, Niklas Luhmann, Vilém Flusser


This paper reconstructs a theoretical debate that emerged from the work of Niklas Luhmann, Dirk Baecker and Vilém Flusser on the cultural form that should arise within computer society. Despite the diferences of epistemological perspective and theoretical foundation that the three authors presented, their works share an un- derstanding that the introduction of computers and the internet changes not only culture, but also the material structure of society. Te frst part of the paper discusses the historical inevitability regarding the emergence of a cultural form for technology, while the second part of the text suggests a few possible forms that may stabilize the surplus of meaning created by computers and the internet.


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Marco Toledo Bastos, Universidade de Sao Paulo
Pós-doutorando ECA-USP
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Bastos, M. (2013). A cultural form for the technological society. MATRIZes, 7(1), 193-195. https://doi.org/10.11606/issn.1982-8160.v7i1p193-195
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