Ideological and Writing Frames in visual texts

  • Eduardo Peñuela Cañizal USP/UNIP


From a basic concept of landscape, the present essay is an attempt to analyze some communicative and poetical effects that come from visual texts. It is, therefore, an effort of including in the category of the cultural landscape the warp that institutes the writing and the role that this one has in the denotation and connotation of the corpus of images interpreted.


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Author Biography

Eduardo Peñuela Cañizal, USP/UNIP
Profesor Titular de la USP jubilado. Actualmente es Coordinador del Programa de Posgrado en Comunicación y Cultura de la UNIP. Becario 1A  del CNPq. Tiene trabajos publicados en varios países: Europa,   Estados Unidos, Canadá  y Latinoamérica.
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Cañizal, E. (2013). Ideological and Writing Frames in visual texts. MATRIZes, 7(2), 95-111.