Knowledge as Dialectics of Imagination

  • Lucrécia D' Alessio Ferrara
Keywords: knowledge, imagination, communication


Under the light of the definition of dialectics proposed by W. Benjamin in the Arcades Project, the present work examines the cognitive inferences produced by the imagination when adhering to the perceivable nature of the empiric object. In order to enable the analysis of the characteristics of such inferences, the close relationship between that concept of dialectics, the epistemological proposals of the philosophy of image of Fusser, and Foucault’s concept of event is shown.


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Author Biography

Lucrécia D' Alessio Ferrara
PhD in Brazilian Literature (1964) Pucsp, Lecturer at Industrial Design Fau/Usp, (1980) Professor at Fau/Usp (1987), Professor at the PPG in Communication and Semiotics Pucsp, leader of the research group at Espaço Visualidade Comunicação Cultura (Espacc).
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Ferrara, L. (2013). Knowledge as Dialectics of Imagination. MATRIZes, 7(2), 131-142.